12 PM to 9 PM  |   10 AM to 6 PM  |   11 AM to 5 PM @ TRADEX, Abbotsford


Bite of the Valley Restaurants

Presented by JRFM 93.7

Here you will find the owners/chefs of some of the Valley's favorite eateries serving up a wide selection of their cuisine. Taste their menu selections for only $1 to $6.00 per portion, study their entire menu, talk to the chef/owner and ask questions from the experts.

Come for lunch and stay for dinner! Eat in numerous restaurants at the same time!

When you visit The Fraser Valley Food Show you'll discover the The Bite of the Valley, where local restaurants will be tantalizing your taste buds with their menu selections.

Restaurants, wineries and breweries participating at The Fraser Valley Food Show charge a low price for their food and beverages (Maximum price is $6.00). Payment for these products is made by way of 'Bite/Taste Tickets' visitor may purchase from our 'Bite/Taste Ticket' Booths located by the entrance of the show and in the Bite of the Valley Pavilion. Tickets are 50 cents each and are sold in sheets of 20 for $10 or a half sheet of 10 for $5, GST included.

We apologize, credit cards and debit cards are not accepted however there are multiple bank machines located on the show floor at Tradex.

2016 Bite of the Valley Restaurants

  • Ramada Inn
  • Tradex Food Services
  • Phuket Thai
  • Caribbean Spoon
  • Old Country Pierogi
  • Sipp Chai Cafe
  • Restaurants, caterers REGISTER NOW!!!!
  • Only eight kiosks are available, six are already booked
  • Download the registration form below and return with your refundable deposit

Click here to download the 2016 Bite of the Valley Application Form